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8-Up printing at a 6-Up price -The dominant press in North-America with over 50 presses sold in recent years. No other press manufacturer offers this format with as much automation, flexible custom configurations, reliability, and acquisition cost. 

High-performance solutions for cost-effective print production

The RMGT 9 Series brings printers of all sizes access to the reliability, versatility and superior cost performance they need to compete and win in every facet of the offset print world. Available in two sizes, the RMGT 9 Series can be specified in up to 10 colors with and without perfecting along with a host of today’s most important automation features like simultaneous plate changing and RMGT’s revolutionary Insta.Color. RMGT 9 Series users enjoy lighting fast make-ready, extremely low paper waste and unparalleled print quality all in an incredibly affordable package.

  • Available in 25.2" x 36.22" and 25.2" x 37" models

  • Stock thickness range of 0.0016" to 0.024"

  • Speed up to 17,100 sheets per hour

  • Multimode dampening system

  • Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders

  • Optional LED-UV curing unit

In the North American commercial print market, 16-page signatures are most common. The RMGT 9 series press is best at producing this most popular finished size at quality levels, production speeds and, most importantly, at a production cost. Two models are available to best meet customer's unique needs. The RMGT 920 provides a 36.22″ x 25.20″ maximum sheet size while the RMGT 940 expands the size to 37.01″ x 25.20″.

MUCH lower material costs, lower power consumption and smaller footprint

With the RMGT 9 Series your savings add up to better profitability regardless of run length. By using a 33% less expensive plate, much lower cost supplies, the lowest energy cost and a single pressman operation (in most configurations), the RMGT 9 Series gives its owner an Unfair Advantage in their marketplace. Many of our customers have moved significant print volume back to offset for improved print quality and much lower production costs.

One-pass full-colour perfecting for higher productivity and finish ready at the delivery

Over 90% of full-color offset printing is produced 2-sided. RMGT is a true market leader in the Long Perfector world largely based on our innovative design, the development of LED-UV curing for print and most importantly, the affordability of the RMGT 9 Series platform. Imagine an 8-up, 10-color (5/5) perfector that fits in a smaller footprint than a competitive six-colour 40" press. Imagine a price point that is close to the cost of a six color 40" press. Now imagine how any single-sided press on the market can keep up with the 26,000 IPH that the RMGT 9 Series produces.

High Productivity with Minimum Makeready Time

The key to higher productivity for diverse short-run printing is shorter makeready time.  With Program Inking for quick and easy color setting, an automatic plate changer and automatic cleaning devices, the majority of makeready work is fully automated. 

Stable sheet feeding from thin sheets to cardboard 

High-speed, high-performance separator sheets as thin as 0.04 mm to thick 0.6 mm stock, sophisticated air management technology ensures each sheet is fed precisely even during high-speed press runs. This stock handling capability offers a wide range of applications from poster to package printing.

Movable coating unit 

With a movable varnish coating unit, the coating cylinder and anilox roller can be raised upward when not in use to prevent scratching of the printed sheets. A safety guard between the main press unit and coating cylinder enables make ready work for next jobs-such as cleaning the coating cylinder or changing the blanket--to be performed even during printing. 

Vacuum feeder board enables smooth sheet transfer 

The vacuum feeder board ensures smooth, stable sheet feed from the feeder board to the front lay. An integrated brush and runner wheel mechanism shortens the time needed to change sheet sizes. A pneumatic pull side guide minimizes contact scratches when feeding delicate substrates. 



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