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Commercial and pacagking offset presses that offers superior performance and cutting-edge technology 

High-definition and high-value-added printing that surpasses other presses 

High-precision mechanisms developed and produced by specifically targeting our uncompromising pursuit of printing quality. A digital control system and automated devices developed with the press operator in mind. The high-performance flagship press models boasting superior printing performance, unique new styling and state-of-the-art technologies have arrived: the RMGT 10 1050 mm format offset presses. ​

  • Available in 29" x 41" 

  • Stock thickness range of ST model 0.002" to 0.031"

  • Stock thickness range of  LX model 0.002" to 0.039"

  • Speed up to 17,100 sheets per hour

  • Multimode dampening system

  • Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders

  • LX model - skeleton transfer cylinder

  • Single belt-type brushless feeder

  • Optional LED-UV curing unit


The RMGT 10 press models not only meet the needs of small lot, diversified production, but also deliver a higher level of overall performance in line with today’s demands.

The feeder and registration sections realize labor savings, while at the same time improving registration accuracy. The high-output LED-UV curing system* achieves substantial energy savings and productivity improvements. And with the wide-screen press information display* and further enhanced IPC-III operation interface geared toward the next generation features, these presses boast some of today’s most sophisticated functions. In addition, continuous operation efficiency for package printing on heavier stock with these presses are significantly enhanced by a newly developed automatic nonstop feeder*, delivery shutter* and double delivery*. (*options)

This high-throughput, full-size machines enables any printer to produce high-quality commercial products, as well as color-dominant short-run jobs with fast make-readies and consistent repeatability.

The RMGT 1050ST presses were developed with maximum uptime, exceptional precision and durability in mind. Operational variables common to other presses can rob printers of profitable production time, such as excessive powder, oil stains, scratches, sheet misalignment, doubling, ghosting and water marking, have been virtually engineered out of these remarkable printing presses. Automated plate changing, various preset systems and automatic cleaning greatly shorten makereadies.

Double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders transport paper with minimum flapping, providing stable paper transport even when printing on heavy stock. Fully automated plate changing, a bender-less plate clamping system, a lubrication-free gripper shaft torsion bar and sealed bearings on gripper shafts of impression and transfer cylinders saving your operators hundreds of hours per year. Plus, the “Maintenance Mode” and “Cleaning Mode” functions result in faster adjustments and quicker press cleanup. With optional LED-UV curing unit that dramatically improves work efficiency, lowers power consumption and prevents warping of film and other heat-sensitive media.



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