Downtown Toronto’s Only Full-Size Printshop Installs an RMGT 9 Series LED-UV Press

Laser Reproduction, the only full-size and full-service printing company based in downtown Toronto, Ontario, just installed a NEW RMGT 9 Series sheetfed offset press. This new system will not only complement their existing 40” press but replaces their 15-year-old RMGT 7 series press. Manufactured by RYOBI MHI Graphic Technology and purchased through Canadian distributor KBR Graphics, the new press is equipped with automatic plate changing, smart make-ready technology and LED-UV instant curing.

The RMGT 9 series press has proven to be a popular investment choice having, in recent years, over fifty North American installations. Laser Reproduction is the first printer in Canada to install the larger sized configuration, the RMGT 940, which is capable for running 25x37” sheets.

​“Our previous RMGT press was certainly great. In the 15 years that we ran the press, we only placed a handful service calls. It was the obvious choice for us to re-invest in RMGT for our new acquisition” said Andy Wong, president of Laser Reproduction “We added some great new features that will increase our productivity and will provide added-value to our outputs”. The compact press footprint was also major factor in making his decision. “As a downtown Toronto printer real estate is at a premium and the ability to have an 8-up press in virtually the same space as my older 29-inch allowed me to maintain the same production area” adds Mr. Wong.

The RMGT 940

​The RMGT 9 series press offers key cost advantages for today’s price competitive printing market when handling a wide range of printing jobs, from A1 posters to 8-up printing of 8.5x11 inch. It offers the ideal solution for 8-up, 16-Page signatures on a single sheet with exceptional cost performance. 

Mr. Wong stated that “We faced the overwhelming challenge to be competitive while remaining profitable, especially when printing small lots in short delivery times. The RMGT 9 press that we installed allows us to offer competitive priced high-quality jobs in shorter delays.”

Laser Reproductions has a history of implementing leading edge technologies. They were the first in Canada to install the multi-substrate MGI 8700 XL digital press and were very early adaptors of finishing-automation by investing in automated bindery equipment from Standard/Horizon in 2006. Their high-end clients have elevated expectations, and with new RMGT press’ smart make-ready technology and automation, they will add to their printing capabilities and offer their clients even more services such as printing on plastics and metalized paper, and the ability to print white. 




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