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Automation, has become the backbone of the cutting process and no longer a luxury of the big shops.Perfecta understands this. Since 1896 Perfecta has brought exiting new concepts into the cutting environment. Their total partnership with Baumann in 2005 allowed automation to take a great leap forward. Cutting systems from simple to completely automated are everyday.


The high-speed-cutter is the centric point of Perfecta's high-speed cutting systems. All machines are developed by experiences of mechanical engineering about 120 years.  Ideal for processing paper, board, aluminium or plastic materials, no matter which requirements have to be fulfilled.


Perfecta pile turners ensures easier moving and changing of pallets. Powerful and adjustable blowers with big nozzles that can also be closed support the motor-driven and fully automatic turning process, the vibration intensity of which can be varied.


Perfecta and Baumann paper handling systems such as loader, unloaders, joggers, stack lift pile hoisters and more.