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RMGT Production Advantages 

•    Significantly higher press speeds yield higher production levels and more profit

•    Much faster turnaround improves cash flow

•    All major special effects including chemical emboss, high gloss, satin and matte coatings for value added print.

•    Zero heat distortion on thin stocks and plastics

•    Zero dry back for instant and consistent scanning and quality control

•    Lower ink consumption caused by no dry back

•    Much lower ink usage through elimination of daily ink wash-ups, weekly wash-ups saves hours per week (5-6 on average)

•    Much quicker blanket, impression, ink roller and overall press-cleaning

Powder-Free Pressroom

•    Cleaner pressroom environment saves on maintenance in all areas

•    No down stream finishing pollution in folders, binders, etc.

•    UV coat, laminate, foil stamp and more without issue

•    Fewer blanket washes for higher throughput

•    Fewer hickeys for higher print quality

•    Less cutter draw from powder slippage

•    Consistent and even press lifts for second side print and finishing

Environmental Advantages

•    Massive energy savings up to 80% versus Hot UV and up to 60% versus IR/Hot Air

•    Substantially lower pressroom temperatures means lower air conditioning costs

•    Lower energy chillers do not require mounting outside of building = easy maintenance and no offsetting

•    Instant curing even at full press speeds

•    Instant ON/OFF of the LED-UV curing system with no heat-up or cool-down period

•    Virtually maintenance free with over 15,000 hours diodes lifespan