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Foliant laminators are robustly built and simple to run with intuitive controls and easy maintenance. Fast machine set-ups and adjustments help ensure economical operation. From its first laminating machine – the ‘Yellow’ in 1999 – to its most recent innovations, Foliant has consistently led the way in the development and manufacture of sector-leading solutions. Operating to the highest international quality standards, Foliant systems represent the laminating benchmark in the print finishing environment. With fourteen laminating systems and numerous options, the Foliant range has a solution to meet every requirement, from entry-level smaller format single-sided laminating to specialist applications – and always designed to be best in class.


Next generation very compact industrial laminating machine, constructed for a heavy duty digital and offset outputs lamination. 


Next generation double sided laminating machines offering very high performance. It's a compact and fast industrial laminating system, constructed for non-stop work.