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PERFECTA 225 TS (88.5")


Perfecta knows that those working with XXL materials have special needs. That is why the 168 and 225 series of cutters are not merely stretched versions of the product, but a time tested massive design coupled with the latest technology available. The result is what you would expect from the oldest cutter company on the planet. As always, Perfecta supports the cutter with tailored made peripherals to handle your special needs.

  • The safest and fastest in the industry and no expensive turnbuckle to deal with.

  • Gearbox system is the strongest in the world. Failures are unheard of and backed by an unheard of TEN year warranty.

  • Slotless table and dual linear servo drive backgauge control combine for error free cutting at speeds of 79 inches per second at reverse speed

  • Scrap removal the fast way... AWR is available on all TS models from 92 to 225.

  • The swivel backgauge: a bindery managers best friend.

  • JDF/CIP4 Touch Screen