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Small but mighty jogger provides a powerful, quiet, maintenance-free jogging action that efficiently jogs paper up to 11” x 17” (A3).

  • Front–side loading

  • Three trays to choose from

Standard tray
Check tray
Large 11 x 17" Tray
Up to 11” x 17” stock size

  • Powerful jogging action

  • Quiet operation

  • Maintenance-free drive mechanism

  • Optional “Instant-On” footswitch

  • UL listed


​Powerful jogging action with optional air separation for static-laden digitally printed materials

  • Robust, electro-mechanical jogging action

  • Front-side loading

  • Foot pedal control

  • Adjustable air flow – dial from zero to 112 CFM

  • Two jogging speeds

  • Three operating modes – air off all the time, air on all the time, or air on for an adjustable length of time during the jogging action

  • Rugged, heavy duty construction


Heavy-duty for large lifts and finished press sheets.


  • Table sizes

20" x 26" (model 2026A)

24" x 36" (model 2436A)

28" x 40" (model 2840A)

  • Can handle up to 4" lifts.

  • Versatile table tilts from flat to 45 degrees and can be fitted with accessory dividers for multiple lifts of smaller stock.

  • Jogging action is adjustable with the unique "Dial-a-Jog" control. The dual on/off control is actuated either with the toggle switch on the machine base, or by a foot switch for hands-free operation.