RMGT 9 Series

Offset Press 25.20" x 36.22"
Manufacturer: RMGT: RYOBI MHI

RMGT 9 Series

The RMGT 9 Series A1-size offset press easily handles 8-up A4-size printing at a 6-up price. The 9 Series features a maximum printing speed of 16,200 sheets per hour, varnish coating capability for added value, and offset quality with short run quantities.

In addition to 920 models available in specifications up to 10-color perfecting presses, the lineup also includes new wide-specification 940 models.
With a printing width of 930mm (36.61″) and a maximum paper width of 940mm (37″), an even wider range of work can be performed.
RMGT 9 series offers many of the same high-end features and functions as the flagship RMGT 10 series, including a high-speed feeder and nip width automatic checking mode for higher productivity and reliability. For the operation stand, a newly developed 55″ large-screen monitor operable via a tablet PC is available as an option to further enhance the operating environment.

RMGT 9 series combines sophisticated styling with exceptional cost performance, greatly expanding the range of printing work for any business.

  • Max Printing Speed: 16,200 SPH (Sheets Per Hour)
  • Max Sheet Size: 640 x 920 mm (25.20″ x 36.22″)
  • Max Printing Area: 615 x 900 mm (24.21″ x 35.43″)
  • Paper Thickness: 0.04 – 0.6 mm (0.0016″ – 0.024″)

.                       920 Models                                                 940 Models                :

920ST-2 / 920PF-2                                        940ST-4

920ST-4 / 920PF-4                                        940ST-5

920ST-5 / 920PF-5                                        940ST-5

920ST-6 / 920PF-6                                        940ST-6

920ST-8 / 920PF-8                                                   .

   920ST-10 / 920PF-10                                                  .